The Written Word 



Since 1990 Michael has been a renowned feature columnist in Knoxville TN. His acclaimed series "The Running Man" earned him honors of Outstanding Running Writer in the nation by the Road Runners Clubs of America. His work has been featured in Footnotes Magazine, Running Journal, Duathlete Online, Well Magazine, and in Runners World Kids Running online magazine.

Like many who enjoy putting pen to paper—or more accurately, finger to keyboard—I had been urged for many years to try my hand at composing a novel. One day in spring, 2005, rather than admit to myself what I was doing, I began a "journal", starting with the day I left home for college. Forty-five pages later, I'd finished describing that first day, and within six weeks had completed a 500+ page rough draft of my first novel. Since then I've completed six more and started a couple others, including a sequel to Cinder and Ash, that haven't yet found their way to the finish line.