Me and My Guitar 

My music has some deep roots, i.e., blues, old folk, Texas singer songwriters, and acoustic adaptations of 60s and early 70s tunes (I’m a genuine old fart, turned 70 a while back), as well as several dozen tunes I wrote myself.


I began performing in my teens and played regularly through the 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s, starting up in the midwest with bands like Appaloosa, Pythea's Tribe, Briarwood Thyme, and the Smokin' Grays, and working as a solo artist, too. 

Upon moving to Tennessee in 1982 I put together a great blues and southern rock band, the Michael Brothers Band, with Knoxville lead guitar stalwart Michael Jordan.  We rocked it till the early 90s, and after stints with Mojo and The Works, I kinda retired when son Jesse was born, and didn’t pick it back up till about 2015. But as soon as I started back and got a few calluses built up, I started playing every day, actually more than when I played out so much.

You’d think that somebody who’d been playing 55 years oughta be damn good by now, but I’m living proof that’s not always true. I consider myself fair to middling: I can hold a decent rhythm, know quite a few chord voicings, and can forge my way through a few leads and fills now and then.


I’ve done well over a hundred open mic performances over the past year and a half, along with quite a few actual gigs and a handful of house concerts. Jesse comes out to a lot of the shows and has almost as much fun as I do. Bottom line? I’m loving it all and intend to keep at it as long as I’m able.